Health and safety are at the forefront. 

At Andon Energy Services, we consider the health and safety of our employees, our customers and everyone at our work sites to be of the utmost concern.

As such, it is our policy to consistently strive for the highest possible level of safety in all of our activities and operations.

To that end, AES has created a comprehensive health and safety program that encompasses fundamental safety concepts and is designed to promote an overall culture of safety on the job.

Our company has made a strong commitment to remain compliant with all local, state and federal health and safety laws applicable to our business.

We accomplish this in part by enlisting the help of all employees to ensure all work areas are free of hazardous conditions. At AES we expect every employee – regardless of their position within the company – to comply and cooperate fully with our safety program.

Learn more about our strategic safety partnerships and how they reinforce to our safety program.