Unmatched expertise to bring you high-quality, specialized services.

Andon Energy Services is committed to offering quality services to increase reliability, availability, and utilization of your assets.

As such, our team of experienced and skilled professionals provides an unmatched level of in-depth knowledge and expertise. We serve a wide range of clients in the refining, petrochemical and oil & gas industries throughout North America – offering a variety of services around reliability, compliance, safety, maintenance, design and construction.

At AES Energy Services, we are committed to increasing safety, reliability, and performance.

Combining the latest technology with quality components and parts, we are proud to stand behind our workmanship. When it comes to service, there is simply no other company that can match the customer focus of AES Energy Services.

We invite you to contact us today to learn more about any of the specialized services we provide. Our services include:

Frequently Asked Questions

How is your safety record?

Excellent. We keep our safety records current with several different 3rd party companies to include ISNetworld, and HASC. Our EMR is less than 1.0, and we have zero recordable incidence.

What manufacturers do you support?

We support all manufacturers and will forge relationships with any manufacturer who has equipment in your facility.

Can your company help us evaluate our current assets and recommend improvements?

Yes. We collaborate with our customers to determine their needs and get them required information for decision making.

How did your company come to specialize in grab sampling assets?

Our parent company, Andon Specialties, Inc., started a grab sampling manufacturing business in 1991. It has since been sold, but the knowledge base around grab sampling has resided within Andon for decades. In the early 2000s, Andon Specialties came to realize the need for a contractor who could install, maintain, and guide customers in the area of grab sampling technologies and practices. From this recognition of a need in the market, AES Energy Services was created.

Can you manage a turn key project?

Yes. We will design, specify, procure, document, and install grab samplers.

Case Studies

A U.S. Gulf Coast Refinery is experiencing issues associated with engineered grab sampling stations.