Support services designed to meet your business's needs.

The team of experts at AES partners with facilities to provide specialized services that are tailored to your specific needs.

Because we are focused solely on grab samplers, we are able to leverage our knowledge to benefit your business by improving safety, increasing performance, and ensuring compliance. We offer a number of specialized support services including the following:

Teflon Welding

We have the expertise to provide this highly specialized welding technique for applications including custom welded connections, assemblies, and manifolds for chemical and high purity processes.

Gas Detector Sensor Calibration

Our team can calibrate and certify sensors, as well as provide inspections and repairs to ensure that sensors are within requirements and performing as designed.

LDAR Sparger Certification / Compliance Validation

We provide custom inspection and compliance services tailored to your specific equipment, processes, and technology. We also offer safety and environmental inspections that include preparation of reports as well as data management.