High-quality samples without the environmental impact.

The AES Plant Sampler Reliability Program was specifically created to support, maintain, and report sample station health and availability to unit managers.

This program helps to ensure that your personnel can safely extract grab samples without environmental impact – while also obtaining a quality sample that can be properly analyzed in the laboratory. The program features four specific components as follows.


The initial survey is conducted by one of our operations managers. This will include a comprehensive list of every part for each grab sampler, as well as notification of any repairs that may be required.

Quarterly Visits

Our operations managers and/or field technicians provide quarterly inspections to evaluate grab samplers and provide any required repairs. Regular inspections are vital to ensure that systems are operating properly.

Quarterly Reports

Following quarterly inspections, we provide full documentation of grab sampler health and repairs. Data is delivered to plant personnel in a standardized format that also provides customers with the opportunity for feedback.

Operator Training

AES offers specialized training provided by our general managers, operations managers, and field technicians. We offer both classroom training and field training that may include technical overviews, specific grab sampler technical training, engineering support, and more.

The AES Plant Sampler Reliability Program is an effective tool to help increase performance and safety by avoiding reportable spills and releases while also maintaining environmental and OSHA compliance.